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The Fondazione Bardolino TOP was established in February 2010 to promote Bardolino. The town is one of the most loved and visited tourist destinations on Lake Garda and the organisation coordinates artistic, cultural, sports and gourmet food events.

The Fondazione’s main function is event coordination and each year the organisation directly manages and coordinates countless events.

Key events on the calendar include:


The Fondazione is a key meeting point for the numerous sectors that form the tourist industry.

It is just for this reason that the organisation, Fondazione Bardolino TOP, was created to work in combination with many local entities, namely the municipality, Comune di Bardolino, the business group, Consorzio Lago di Garda Veneto, the Association of Bardolino Hoteliers, the De Gestibus Association of Restaurants and Bars, the Bardolino Craftsmen’s Union and the Committee of Bardolino Entrepreneurs. All of these entities are shareholders in the Fondazione.


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